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Since 2021, the EMERGE REPORT has been an annual long list featuring 100 emerging and growing startups with global vision, that are originally from the New East (CEE, the Balkans, Türkiye, MENA & Central Asia). The goal was to gather truly exceptional startups from emerging markets and present them to the global community.

As we evolve, we are now shifting towards thematic reports that address the specific challenges faced in the region of our presence. This strategic approach allows us to delve deeper into critical areas and highlight startups that are at the forefront of tackling those challenges.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Tech Impact Startups Report as part of our continued efforts to support the EMERGE community. In light of the numerous challenges caused by different political, ecological, economic and other issues, we believe it is crucial to highlight startups that are making a meaningful impact in these difficult times.

The Tech Impact Startups Report aims to showcase innovative startups that are leveraging technology to address and mitigate the challenges faced by our communities.

Since 2021

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We have compiled a report of 100 most promising startups from the New East region — Central Asia, CEE, MENA and Turkey. The report includes information on the development stage of a startup, industry, country of origin and even pitches, submitted by the startup founders themselves. This year we have quite a lot of startups representing Fintech, Martech, Healthtech & Wellbeing and many other sectors.

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