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The Future of Wellness track was included to the main conference agenda on 2 June at EMERGE 2020. The track was focused on such topics as mental wellbeing, mindfulness, longevity, yoga & meditation practices, and their impact on the tech world, and vice versa. The speakers have covered the use of the latest technology to follow up on implementing ideas that will help shape the future of the wellbeing industry.
The program has been comprehensively curated by Eddie Stern in collaboration with the Future of Wellness Conference enthusiasts. Inspiring talks and guidelines on wellness practices which can be applied to elevate your mood, rebalance your creative thinking to impact your community, and bring to life great ideas at their best. This track was a place to learn from scientists and celebrities about cutting-edge wellbeing attitudes and to get inspired by their incredible stories.
Eddie Stern at EMERGE 2019
Eddie Stern at EMERGE 2019. Photo credit: Relax.by
Eddie Stern is a renowned yoga teacher from New York (US) with over 30+ years of experience, an advocate of a science-based approach to wellness, co-founder of The Breathing App, bestselling author, founder and moderator of international conferences on mindfulness and wellbeing. At EMERGE 2020 Eddie Stern was also a moderator of the talk of our very special guest — Deepak Chopra who joined the conference live with his talk about consciousness and technology on 3 June right before the awards and closing ceremony.
Nicho Plowman
Nicho Plowman, co-founder, Insight Timer
As a pre-conference event, the morning meditation took place which was streamed online and co-hosted by Nicho Plowman right away from his home in Sydney (AU). Nicho is a co-founder of Insight Timer — a meditation app, which was cited by The New York Times as "the most popular free meditation app." During the meditation, Nicho also gave a talk on how important is to balance the conscious and commercial considerations when building a global platform like Insight Timer, the tech ways of meaningful connections, and how to increase awareness in our daily life.
Daniel Kraft
Daniel Kraft, Chair of Medicine at Singularity University & Founder of Exponential Medicine
Daniel Kraft has spoken about the future of digital health, biomedicine and where technology can take us. Daniel is Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, entrepreneur and innovator, globally-known TED speaker from the Silicon Valley. He is the Сhair of Medicine at Singularity University and Founder of Exponential Medicine.
Eliza Vinokurova with her talk at EMERGE 2020
We live in an era of digitalization and in an abundance of information, everyday we face a challenge - how to keep our attention not being distracted to the great load of information, especially on the web. Staight away from her home in Latvia,
Eliza Vinokurova has joined EMERGE to present her neuroscientific observations about biohacking tools, mindfulness, and meditation practices. The latest research confirms the benefits of such practices and techniques through a myriad of neural, biological, behavioural changes.
Akash Mehta
Akash Mehta, co-founder, Fable and Mane
Akash Mehta, Forbes 30 under 30, UNICEF Guardian, co-founder at Fable and Mane, collaborator to Deepak Chopra Foundation. Akash has shared with the audience his experience on millennial conscious social branding and mindful technology.
Aliona Pole, MALIVAR
Aliona Pole, digital influencer created by MALIVAR
Entertainment, media, and marketing are the most evolving industries nowadays. There is an opinion that celebrities and models are going to be replaced by virtual humans. The founder of MALIVAR Valery Sharipov, directly from his home office in Moscow, delivered a futuristic kind of talk about the digital humans and how they can complement media, fashion, wellness and be accessible for everyone. The digital human Aliona Pole has convinced everyone that the future is now.
The panel discussion on building virtual wellness experience pointing the future of online yoga and fitness has received much attention from the audience. Misha Lyalin, the renowned tech entrepreneur from the CIS region, angel investor to wellness has been talking about the use of technology for global wellbeing products over the discussion with Eddie Stern. Vladimir Bataev — an international independent expert in disruptive innovation was invited to moderate the panel.
Stacey Bendet
Stacey Bendet, CEO & Creative Director, Alice + Olivia
Stacey Bendet has closed the day addressing her talk to the creative community. She presented her new initiative in response to the world’s lockdown situation. Creatively has been launched as a job platform making it easier for brands to actually find and hire people for projects or positions. During her fireside chat with Eddie Stern, Stacey reflected about the importance of yoga, activism, sustainability, and, of course, fashion in such turbulent times.
EMERGE Team thanks Alena Shaidulina for co-organizing the Future of Wellness track at EMERGE 2020 and for the great help in writing this blogpost.

Our team hopes you enjoyed EMERGE 2020 so far. More updates about the main past conference highlights coming soon. Stay tuned!
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