3 things to expect at EMERGE and what EMERGE is not: No roll-ups. No sleep. No interpreting into Russian.

  • Slightly shocked ourselves, but besides the main days (4-5 June) of the conference EMERGE also hosts 10 side events happening from 1 to 5 June. If you read this and manage to attend them all — you are our HERO! Let us know — and EMERGE 2020 tickets are yours!

  • Only English. Only hardcore. Get ready to network and make friends with guys and girls from over 30 countries.

  • Breaking news. EMERGE is a NO Rollup Conference. Neither from the startups nor even from the partners. Banned!:) All for the sake of engaging with the creative activities prepared by the partner companies. Interact with the speakers in Q&A zones, have meetings in the Mix&Match Zone and loads of other stuff described in the post below.

4–5 June. Minsk, Falcon Club Arena.

Right at the arena. To keep focused. To stay balanced.

Genesis Investments and their portfolio company BetterMe App, which is the fastest-growing family of Health&Fitness apps in the US market are setting up a meditation zone on the second level of EMERGE arena.

How will this work? Come upstairs. Take off your shoes. Welcome to the place of peace and mindfulness. Treat yourself with a 10-minute guided meditation prepared for EMERGE guests by BetterMe. No worries, if you leave your headphones at home, we've prepared the disposable ones right at the zone.
Want to learn how Microsoft creates AI-tools that can be used by everyone? And maybe you want to try to implement AI yourself? Join Microsoft Intelligence Kiosk to try hands-on AI experience.
Onliner, a media resource from Belarus and also EMERGE info partner, will update the world on what will be happening at EMERGE during 1–5 June and keep your phones charged when you are at the venue. Not to miss a thing. While charging, get rested on inflatable coaches in the same Onliner zone. Just a cocktail is missing :)
We've set up 2 Q&A zones at the arena where participants can have casual 10-minute conversations with the speakers. Right after the speakers are done with their talks — meet them at Q&A zones 1 and 2 next to WorkFusion area and Tech Jobs Corner. Explore Q&A zones schedule at emergeconf.io and EMERGE app.
These guys develop intelligent automation solutions and will be revealing what professions will be replaced by robots. They are even bringing this software to show us how gracefully stuff that we, humans, do can get automated. Just wondering, guys, who is next to be replaced in our jobs? You are also invited to join lectures on intelligence automation which will be hosted at WorkFusion Lecture Zone throughout 4 and 5 June.
Explore career opportunities from EMERGE partners and attending tech companies. Also, find job postings from our rising stars — startups from 20+ countries who qualified for EMERGE CHALLENGE and are looking for new talents to join their teams. Find all the job openings at the Tech Jobs Corner next to the Startup Alley.

Meet EMERGE veterans, if we can say so:) UK based guys from EP Advisory who are experts in the UK and Western European job markets were with us at EMERGE 2018 and not missing it this year. Woohoo! Sign up for a CV screening session with them, have your CV in English prepared and boost it to the next level!

Now, the Pro Photo part :) Cool photo for an upgraded CV and LinkedIn. Right?

Here comes Splento, Uber for photographers.

These guys make ordering and receiving professional visual content as easy as ordering cars or booking rooms. Coming all the way from the UK, at EMERGE they will take care of your professional photos, edited and available for you online in just 10 minutes after the click. Come prepared.
Not what you normally expect at the conference

Changing the rules of the game and adding a creative twist to the tech-savviness of developers. Come and join an interactive zone where guests can create something cool with a rope and wall. Still sounds unexpected even for us, as organisers. Trying and seeing is worth a thousand words.

FB lady Anna Buldakova, also an EMERGE speaker, is taking over this area during the Q&A session (4 June 4.50 PM) after her talk 'Three Layers of Better Product Decisions' on the Build Stage (4 June, 4.20 PM). Dmitry Kurilo, Engineering at Facebook, and Vicky-Marie Gibbons, Programme Manager at Facebook will continue open Q&A session with participants.

Right, lots of activities and actions. What about chill and food?
We've nailed that. So, two food zones from both sides of the venue are at your disposal — not to waste a minute when hunger is about to take over you. We call it Future Food Zone as it will give you an idea of what we as the humanity might face in the best and worst case scenarios. Fingers crossed option 1 will work out.

Now, that you're well-fed, you should be ready to continue exploring the EMERGE World.
The place where serious business is going on.

Hm, I am hoping in some months time we read in tabloids what a massive deal has been initiated at EMERGE, maybe at Mix&Match Zone itself <3 Find all the participants in EMERGE App, check their profiles, request meetings and meet them at the dedicated matchmaking zone at the arena. Let us know after if it is you who has signed the deal or found a great partner:) Have fruitful networking!

Wait, one interesting fact about Mix&Match Zone? It is created in partnership with Chivas. Right, not what you would expect at the tech conference. If you read this blog, you should have come across what these guys do:)
Honestly, we haven't seen this masterpiece ourselves yet. Gurtam Company is building some splendid photo zone specifically for EMERGE. Nothing to add — you will DEFINITELY notice it at the arena :) Looking forward to your pictures with #emergegang2019 and #gurtam hashtags.
Two spacious lounges on both sides of the Startup Alley are there for you to work, chill or maybe post something about EMERGE once you are in the epicentre of the startup world at the arena.

Apalon Team will also be waiting for you at their stand with some insider stories on how they make their apps win the markets worldwide.
Here you can talk with real people from these companies, get acquainted with the new internal projects and discuss possible collaborations.
Besides a number of startups working in the fashion field who will be competing at EMERGE CHALLENGE step by our production partners Niko Firm. Once you see EMERGE TEAM cloaks — you know where they come from. Come to talk to cool people and not a typical firm which creates corporate clothes.
Meet with whoever important you are leaving with at the Meeting Points in the entrance hall. If you have to go before EMERGE wraps up on the day — know that we will be live streaming thanks to Voka.TV. Share the link with your mum:) She should finally know what you do at your job!

For your fans in other countries, YouTube live streaming will be set up. The link will be in EMERGE App.

When EMERGE day program is up at Falcon Arena, we are moving to the party place of Minsk, Zybickaya Street, where #emergegang2019 keeps rocking the city! What is your event: Pub Crawl, Founders Story Night, Emerge Pre-Party and Epic After Party?

EMERGE never sleeps!
You are not missing it, right?
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