Three layers of better product decisions
Product Manager's experience is defined not by the number of years spent in the industry but by the number of decisions made: the more you fail and succeed, the more value you are able to bring to your team and your product. While there is never a way to be 100% sure, there are some useful practices for better decision making. We'll break down the process into 3 key components and learn how to make them work together.
Anna Buldakova
Product Manager @ Workplace by Facebook, London
Anna Buldakova is a Product Manager in the Workplace by Facebook Machine Learning team. Starting her career at Yandex Search in Russia, Anna had a chance to work in a hardware startup called Suitepad in Berlin and then join Intercom (a b2b product for sales, marketing and support) in Dublin. She is also a founder of No Flame No Game, one of the most popular blogs about product management in Russian.