7 MIN READ, MAY 29, 2021

In 2021 EMERGE was held online once again. We broke last year’s record and gathered together 6 522 like-minded people from 102 countries: startups, tech talent, investors, media, and corporations.

2 stages, more than 34 top sessions, 80 startups pitching on stage, 852 mentorship sessions, EMERGE 100 startup report release, and 61 speakers from Hawaii to Singapore discussed hot topics and shared their ideas about the future, technologies and wellbeing.

Among EMERGE 2021 participants, 42% were startups, and 45% were tech talent with a majority of innovation managers, tech engineers, and growth & marketing managers. As usual, we are proud to say that 45.5% of participants were women in tech.

Started in Belarus in 2018, EMERGE conference has become the hotbed for tech founders, community leaders, bigger companies, and investors from across the New East — including countries from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia. Made in the New East. Designed for the world.

With all the broken ties, both economic and social, inherited from 2020, CONNECTIVITY is important as never before today. EMERGE 2021 stated its mission to explore the NEW ways to CONNECT with each other, with yourself and our home planet.

EMERGE 2021 became a shared online EXPERIENCE and a place where everyone was contributors rather than listeners. We gathered together 6 522 like-minded people from 102 countries: startups, tech talent, investors, media, and corporates. Discussions, talks, clubtables, workshops, mentorship sessions and 1-on-1 consultations, networking and lots of pitches of the startups were building virtual EMERGE adventure for all participants.

EMERGE 2021 was complemented by physical events at SBER Hubs and offline afterparties in 5 cities around the world.

6 522 people joined EMERGE Online
1 964 with full access
4 390 with free limited access
74 speakers & experts
28 media

66 people in the EMERGE Team made it all happen
26 organizers
40 volunteers

102 countries were connected to EMERGE 2021

754 companies were present at the EMERGE Online
out of which 215 startups

65+ million beautiful people got news about EMERGE 2021 via our media coverage

5 offline afterparties happened offline in different cities. We wanted to make one in your city too, but pandemic regulations did not let us do so. We will catch up next year!
2 Main Partners:

Key Partners:
Askona Life Group
Zubr Capital
Amazon Web Services
The Untitled

Godel Technologies
Angels Band
Startup Lithuania
Orange Business Services

6 Production Partners
17 Media Partners
32 Community Partners
1 Legal Partner
EMERGE 2021 became a shared online EXPERIENCE with:
15 Stage talks and discussions
11 Pitching Sessions
10 Clubtables
8 Workshops
2 Career Booths
1 Women-in-tech Breakfast
1 Evening Meditation by Shaolin Monk
1 Award ceremony

2 stages:
Main Stage 9 hours 6 minutes of talks and discussions
Unicorn Stage 12 hours 56 minutes of startup pitches and talks

61 speakers were sharing their awesome talks and brilliant ideas at EMERGE 2021

Top 5 most popular speakers:
1. Mikita Mikado, CEO & Co-founder, PandaDoc
2. George Robson, Partner, Sequoia
3. Jevgeni Kabanov, CPO, Bolt
4. Polina Zakh, Creative producer, Senior Vice-President, Sila Sveta
5. Emily Witt, Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Jobs Fair in partnership with Wojo
2 career booths with related content and 1-on-1 advisory
61 vacancies posted on Jobs Board
577 application on vacancies by EMERGE participants
159 investors and top experts as mentors
318 hours of mentorship sessions

10 mentors who were booked the fastest:
1. Aleksas Drozdovskis, CSO, Global Product R&D, Yandex (Netherlands) mentoring in Growth & Marketing
2. Liubou Minniyeva, Digital Systems & Customer Experience Manager, Tesla (Netherlands) mentoring in Product development
3. Kavita Singh, Digital Experience Manager, NVIDIA (USA)mentoring in Growth & Marketing
4. Mary Gudman, Software Engineer, Bulb (UK) mentoring in Engineering & Data Science
5. Andrei Avsievich, General Partner, Bulba Ventures (Belarus) mentoring startups in ML (real economy and IT, health, and life science)
6. Adrianna Stanoch, Startups & Apps Manager CEE, Google for Startups (UK) mentoring startups in Machine Learning and AI
7. Kam Mieczakowski, Senior Associate, Notion Capital(UK) mentoring startups in B2B SaaS
8. Yana Abramova, Partner, Pretiosum Ventures (UK) mentoring startups in B2B in AI, Fintech and the Future of Work/Life sectors
9. Denis Efremov, Principal, Fort Ross Ventures (US, Israel) mentoring startups in Сloud, Fintech, Cybersecurity, AI & ML, Marketplaces and other verticals
10. Sandra Golbreich, CEO, Baltic Sandbox (Lithuania) mentoring startups in FinTech, SaaS, Deep Tech
215 startups made it to EMERGE 2021
80 startups pitching on stage during conference days

152 investors


€10,000 EMERGE CHALLENGE prize
€160,000 investments from Angels Band
EMERGE 100 report release - longlist of 100 emerging startups from New East
10 EMERGE AWARDS winners

37 countries were represented by startups at EMERGE 2021

Top 10 countries of EMERGE 2021 startups
1. Russia
2. Belarus
3. Ukraine
4. Estonia
5. United Kingdom
6. United States of America
7. Latvia
8. Poland
9. Lithuania
10. Kazakhstan

Startups from 34 industries were participating at EMERGE 2021

Top 10 industries:
1. AI & Machine Learning
2. Education
3. Enterprise Software Solutions
4. Media
5. Big Data & Analytics
6. Fintech
7. eCommerce & Retail
8. Advertising, Content & Marketing
9. Environment, Energy & Cleantech
10. Industry 4.0 & IoT


10 000 euro EMERGE CHALLENGE cash prize
3 months application and screening process
80 judges at EMERGE CHALLENGE from investment and startup ecosystem
100 startups made it to EMERGE CHALLENGE Quarterfinals
5 startups pitching at the FINALS

Launch of VENTURE LOUNGE - scaleups pitching in front of top global VCs.
40 startups pitching
38 investors at VENTURE LOUNGE panels
Geography of EMERGE 2021 participants - 102 countries

Top 10 countries
1. Belarus
2. Ukraine
3. Russia
4. Kazakhstan
5. United States of America
6. Turkey
7. United Kingdom
8. Estonia
9. Lithuania
10. Latvia

EMERGE Participants by Ticket type
Tech Talent 45%
Startups 42%
Investors 13%

EMERGE Participants by top 5 industries
1. AI & Machine Learning
2. Education
3. Advertising, Content & Marketing
4. eCommerce & Retail
5. Big Data & Analytics
EMERGE 2021 was created by SOLYANKA AGENCY

26 people in the team were working day and night to make EMERGE 2021 happen
13 countries & 4 time zones was not a problem for us to make EMERGE 2021 happen
40 volunteers dedicated their time, energy, and efforts to make EMERGE 2021 happen
A special contribution was made by all our pets, who were present during all ZOOM calls and discussions. Without you, all EMERGE 2021 would not have happened.

We want to say “Thank you! You are awesome!” to each one of you. Hope to see you all next year offline.

With ❤️,
EMERGE Team from Belarus, England, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Marrocco, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.