3 MIN READ, MAY 13, 2021
At the EMERGE conference, there are always many activities, because we are always not enough. This year we realized that we do not want to be limited with EMERGE CHALLENGE competition. There may be even more startups at the conference! That is why we have run (with support of MegaFon, VTB, and the Untitled Ventures) one more project — EMERGE 100 Report.
EMERGE 100 Report is a long list of the emerging startups in the New East region. Since our foundation four years ago, we have been focusing on the New East (CEE, CIS — in general, 20+ countries), which we consider a new technological hub.

Selecting the startups, we used the recommendations of our ecosystem partners in the New East. Information about each company was taken from the questionnaire that the team member has filled out. The main criteria for including a startup into the EMERGE 100 Report were age no longer than 3 years, investments no more than $3 million, MVP, traction, team’s challenges, and success during 2020, the positive impact on society.

The application form included 30+ points about the project and the team: general information, most important business metrics and details, positive impact on society (contribution to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals), the main problem that founders face when developing the project, and some personal questions.


More than a half the Report consists of companies with a huge deep tech focus:
  • 54% has strong R&D
  • 14% has a provisional, pending patent application or planning to obtain an international patent
  • 13% has intellectual property, licences, or technologies protected by patents (local or international)
  • 11% are founded (or has team members C-level) by experts with a degree or the authors of the books on a relevant topic
  • 9% CEO/CTO/CMO has an exit (1 or 2)
  • 4% has CE-Mark & EU certification or soon will get FDA approval

Among the most popular technologies using by startups there are:
  • 40% Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
  • 16% Big data
  • 16% Hardware
  • 11% Robotics
  • 9% Industry 4.0, IoT
  • 9% AR, XR, VR

Also, the startups are interested in developing a sustainability within the company:
  • 31% are interested in becoming a Benefit corporation
  • 34% has a KPI for sustainable development
  • 21% has a diverse team
  • 13% prefer eco-friendly materials and don’t use paper

Almost all the companies at the EMERGE 100 Report have launched pilots (or preparing for them), have LOI, paying clients or even clients with well-known names, active users with subscription, revenue, or even huge revenue.


Among the most important challenges during the pandemic, the founders have pointed out: developing and scaling a business; fundraising (or raising first money); finding customers and partners when your focal market has stopped; acquiring the first paying customers, and reducing the churn rate; establishing a culture within the company where productivity could be delivered remotely; delivering the main idea to users through onboarding.

Among the most exciting achievements during lockdown there were: participation immediately in three acceleration programs and running successful pilot projects; attraction of thousands of customers from 8 different countries with 0 spendings on marketing; building of market-ready pilot — fully robotized complex — within 10 months; increasing sales by 400%; growing 80 times; conducting clinical PoC's in 15 countries in EU (for hardware startup); finding a new market and making a successful pivot after the cancellation of almost all contracts with clients; establishing the consultancy agency for startups and IT product companies to get income and reinvest these resources for the startup to safe the team.

Here you can taste the post insightful startups at the New East.