Introducing 10 first startups at EMERGE 2023

Introducing 10 first startups at EMERGE 2023

5 MIN READ, APRIL 05, 2023
5 MIN READ, APRIL 05, 2023
Annually EMERGE conference brings together some of the most innovative and creative minds. This year will be no exception! Right now you can take a closer look at the first startups at EMERGE’23. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the future of entrepreneurship!
Country of incorporation: the Netherlands
Founded in 2022

Quinky is a sex and relationship wellness app focused on Gen Zs and young millennials that helps them to learn more about their body and sexuality, and provides fun ideas to try alone or with their partner. We want to live in a world where sex is not a taboo, so that people can easily communicate, explore and experiment & discover novelty within the world of sexual practices.
Country of incorporation: Germany
Founded in 2018

Myos — a well financed and strongly growing FinTech. With unique and disruptive risk model, it is breaking completely new ground: the transparency and availability of data on e-commerce platforms to take the future sales potential of retail products as a basis for financing decisions. In this way, the startup enables retailers worldwide to grow fully digitally and flexibly.
Country of incorporation: Lithuania
Founded in 2022

Boost your conversion rate with the video widget — interact face-to-face with your audience and build trust at scale.
Country of incorporation: Israel
Founded in 2019

WeGoTrip — a marketplace to book self-guided audio tours and skip-the-line tickets to museums. With the help of the WeGoTrip app, travelers take a self-guided tour created by tour guides and museums.
Country of incorporation: Cyprus
Founded in 2022

Improv Jam — is an improvisation gym for social skills in your pocket. We accelerate to the next level peoples’ communication skills through improvisation, play and fun.
Country of incorporation: Armenia
Founded in 2022

Leanbe is a platform that empowers product teams providing data, insights, and tools to build better products by leveraging continuous product discovery.
Country of incorporation: USA
Founded in 2022

Relsa is a full-cycle mobile UA automation service, from generating advertising ideas to forecasting various user acquisition models using AI technologies.
Country of incorporation: Estonia
Founded in 2021

Marq is a mobile AI which replaces language tutor by providing tailored snack-sized language classes and teaching conversation in the chat format.
Country of incorporation: England
Founded in 2022

Spectralsoft is an information technology company that offers a wide variety of IT-services focused on our clients' success. Our strongest area of expertise is in creating smart mobility and digital customer service solutions. We are passionate about identifying our clients' growth points, developing an individualized digitalization strategy for them, and training the company's staff to implement it.
Country of incorporation: Netherlands
Founded in 2022

Yarnsea connects designers and crafters around the world. Designers come up with stylish knits and write patterns, but don't know how to distribute them.