5 reasons to join EMERGE, a top tech conference, as a startup

5 reasons to join EMERGE, a top tech conference, as a startup

5 MIN READ, APRIL 15, 2022
5 MIN READ, APRIL 15, 2022
How do you decide that your team should join when attending an event? You probably research the website, check the logistics, calculate the costs, and see how it will benefit your startup and you personally. To make your decision-making process a bit easier, we put together five main benefits you can get from EMERGE and enjoy the event this year.
1. Meet investors and potential business partners

EMERGE is a top tech conference where local talents & creative ideas across the tech industry meet global investors. This year, you will have 150+ investors to pitch your ideas to! We don't even mention hundreds of partners, communities, or corporations who are also looking for ways to make new deals. What's more, startups raised more than €5mln of investments at the conference last year! For reference, VOCHI raised a $1.3mln round from Angeldesk; CopyMonkey.ai – more than €300k round from AngelsBand, Angelsdeck, River Venture Partners, Crossping, Iron Wolf Capital, and Andata raised a $900k round from Starta Capital, Angelsdeck club members and private angel venture investors at EMERGE. These are not all of our success stories :)

Want your startup to shine at EMERGE? Apply for EMERGE CHALLENGE till 28 April. It's a startup pitch contest for early-stage and growth startups with a global product vision – the main prizes are a $250k investment & AWS credits. Our team selects hundreds of emerging companies and determines the best fit for every industry track. These startups will have an online pitch review with 1-on-1 pitch feedback from EMERGE investors and experts. After, the startups will pitch against one another by industry tracks on 1-2 June in Yerevan.

By the way, as we mentioned, this year, among our partners is AWS. Let's get to know them better:
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers – including the fastest-growing startups – are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

3. Gain more visibility

Startups will have an opportunity to get in front of interested investors, potential partners, customers and talents through some unique activities beyond the main pitching competition:
  • EMERGE 100 Report: it's an annual long list featuring 100 emerging & growing startups from the New East region with a global vision. It's free to be featured in the report! All featured startups will receive an invite to the Investors Networking event in Yerevan during the conference days. You can fill in the form by 28 April.
  • Startup Alley: startups can showcase their products at the EMERGE venue throughout the event.
4. Get mentorship sessions

We carefully select mentors focusing on what specific advice they can give to startups. It's a good chance for you to dive with an expert into particular pain points, learn how to develop business from a new perspective, and find new areas for growth.
5. Find new talent for your team

If we add startups looking for new team members and 1,500 visitors who are great people in tech, we get one of the most significant recruiting events in the New East. The key employee is already waiting for you among the technical, business and creative professionals who will join EMERGE 2022.
A word from EMERGE

These activities will help you make great connections and find new seed funding. In addition, it can be a breath of fresh air for both team and product. EMERGE benefits go far beyond the event time.

By the way, there're not many tickets left for startups, so get your pass and join us in June. Text us an email at startups@emergeconf.io for any questions you may have.