User Journeys & Business Models in the Web3 Era
29 May, 13:20 14:30
WorksHop room
by Shashwat Eternal, CMO NFT3

This is not going to be a brainwashing session on how everything in the world is going to move to web3 :D

It’s more of an exploration into how entrepreneurs can look at technological developments minus the jargon, and form theses on how these will change business models and user behaviors.
We will look at popular and most importantly FUN verticals like music, entertainment, social media, gaming (etc.), and try to formulate ideas on where these industries are headed in light of recent developments in web3 and AI.

Having been a web2 founder and now full-time in web3 for 3+ years, Shashwat hopes he can help you see the technological revelations for what they are, and share some insight into how they will be impacting the commercial landscape of the future. Shashwat’s wish is that we do this together, in a fun, lighthearted and jargon-free way.

No equipment needed, only an open mind, though you can make notes if and however you want. Can’t wait!