Companies with Russian links attending or partnering with EMERGE

This is a statement by the founders of the EMERGE conference, Alina Nilsson and Margo Lazarenkova

MAY 8, 2022
EMERGE is owned by Alina Nilsson and Margo Lazarenkova. It’s a private initiative and has never received money from any CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) government or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals from CIS countries. The company is registered in the UK and operates on the commercial basis, with the only revenue streams coming from sponsorships and ticket sales.

On behalf of our multinational team and Emerge Global Ventures Ltd, our hearts are with Ukraine that is fighting for its independence. On 25 February we launched #maketechnotwar initiative to connect those who needed help with those who could offer relocation home/career advice for refugees from Ukraine. On 7 April we announced that 5% of our ticket sales will be donated to human rights charity Amnesty International UK to support Ukrainian civilians. And all startups that are from Ukraine get a free ticket to EMERGE (even with online participation we can still help them with fundraising or any other business needs).

When the first sanctions were revealed, we already had the majority of our long-term sponsors confirmed, among which Russian companies: Megafon, Yandex Cloud, MTS Startups Hub. Since we already had pre-existing engagements with these companies, and it was 3 months till the event, we couldn't find a replacement for these sponsors who could financially contribute to the conference on such a short notice. And given we already had signed obligations to our suppliers and responsibility to our attendees, we made a decision to fulfil our pre-existing obligations to make the event happen. Neither of our speakers or attendees are under sanctions. With our next event we will work closely with the compliance team before taking any new obligations.

As an international event attracting participants from 103 countries we do not discriminate attendees by nationality or the passport they hold. This has been openly communicated to all our speakers and partners. As never before, we see our mission to unite people in tech to build global tech companies for the better future.

We understand it’s a very difficult time right now for the region we have been working with for the past 5 years, and some may agree or disagree with our approach. Operating business according to the UK law and living by democratic principles, we believe that every person and company has a right to be treated equally and with respect.

If after reading this you have anything to add or share with us, or ask us about anything, we are open at and

With regards,
Alina & Margo