Companies with Russian links attending or partnering with EMERGE

This is a statement by the founders of the EMERGE conference

DECEMBER 20, 2022
EMERGE is a private initiative and has never received money from any CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) government or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals from CIS countries. The company is registered in the UK and operates on the commercial basis, with the only revenue streams coming from sponsorships and ticket sales.

On behalf of our multinational team and Emerge Global Ventures Ltd, our hearts are with Ukraine that is fighting for its independence, as well as Armenia that is under military attacks. Our position will always be non-discriminative to anyone who wants to attend our event and we believe that only in open dialogue can we build something truly powerful and sustainable.

Any company or individual who wants to participate in EMERGE in any way, but has doubts about its transparency or moral mission can reach out to us and ask any question - we are open for discussion and ready to explain our position more thoroughly.

At EMERGE 2023 we are being more cautious with partnership and will be doing more due diligence on any company that reaches out for different types of engagements - speaking opportunities, sponsorship, investments, startup participation, etc.

As an international event attracting participants from 103 countries we do not discriminate attendees by nationality or the passport they hold. This has been openly communicated to all our speakers and partners. As never before, we see our mission to unite people in tech to build global tech companies for the better future.

We understand it’s a very difficult time right now for the region we have been working with for the past 5 years, and some may agree or disagree with our approach. Operating business according to the UK law and living by democratic principles, we believe that every person and company has a right to be treated equally and with respect.

If after reading this you have anything to add or share with us, or ask us about anything, we are open at

With regards,
Alina Nilsson & Anna Sholina