As 16 April – the deadline for EMERGE CHALLENGE – is approaching we answer the hottest questions we've got so far from the startups. Teams from over 15 countries are already on board of EMERGE CHALLENGE. Are you joining? :)
EMERGE CHALLENGE is a startup pitching competition at EMERGE Conference. It's open for the startups which qualify for EMERGE:

  • have received under €1 million in funding to date;

  • develop a global product;

  • have a working prototype

  • have early traction (e.g. paying customers, downloads, signups, etc.).
Application process
  • Go to Startup section on our website and apply for the Startup Pass.

  • Fill in the application form following our tips.

  • Wait for 1–2 days while we are screening your application, check your inbox regularly. If your startup qualifies for EMERGE, you will get the email with the invitation for the interview.

  • Our team member will invite you for a 20-minute interview to check your pitching skills in English, to clarify some questions regarding your company and explain to you the next steps.

  • Those who pass the interview successfully receive a lucky winner email with the link to purchase the Startup Pass. Don't delay with purchasing it to meet all the deadlines of the startup contest.

  • Startup pass is the ticket for your team (up to 3 members) to the 3 days at EMERGE (3–5 June). You will showcase your business in the Startup Alley, schedule meetings with investors, get mentoring on the Founders Day and receive a chance to compete for €10,000 in EMERGE CHALLENGE.
What's next?
On 30 April, we will officially announce the shortlist of the startups that will be pitching on the EMERGE CHALLENGE. Once you're on the shortlist – start preparing for the pitching on the stage. If not –you still get all other benefits of the Startup Pass except for the pitching.

Finally, we will discuss your stand in the Startup Alley, invite you to register for the 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with investors and mentors in our matchmaking app (it will also help you to arrange meetings with other attendees during the Conference), and confirm your participation in other side activities we have at EMERGE.
Who will judge?
Business angels, investors, heads of acceleration programs and top industry professionals from the New East and other parts of the world (the UK, the USA, Baltic countries, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Israel etc.).

You can also check the list on our website – it's growing every day, and now you can meet there already people from Flint Capital, Rockstart Accelerator, Startup Wise Guys, 70 Ventures, Atomico, Haxus, 500 startups, bValue.vc, Founders Factory etc.

We will officially announce our first confirmed Investors soon. Just subscribe to our newsletter to get the news first.
Apply and get your Startup Pass:

  • by 16 April – to get a chance to join EMERGE CHALLENGE pitching competition

  • by 16 May – to get a stand in the Startup Alley and all other benefits except for a pitching competition participation.
Step by step timeline for startups
1. Apply for Startup Pass before 16 Apri.

2. Book an Interview with our Startup Team Lead.

3. Selected startups receive the invitation to purchase the Startup Pass (€120, incl.3 tickets per team).

4. All the startups who purchase the Startup Pass get a stand in the Startup Alley, access to the Matchmaking tool, take part in the Founder Day, pre-party and afterparty, of course:), and more.

5. During April, our Board of Experts review the Startup Pass holders and come up with the shortlist for the contest.

6. On 30 April shortlisted startups are announced. They will compete in EMERGE CHALLENGE.

7. Plan your trip to EMERGE in Minsk (3–5 June). We have special offers for our guests in Marriott and Willing hotels. All information about these offers you will receive in the same email with your Startup Pass.
    Timeline at EMERGE
    3 June. Founders Day includes EMERGE CHALLENGE pre-qualification round, Workshops, Mentoring Sessions, Kick-off party. 50 startups are selected for the Final.

    4 June. EMERGE CHALLENGE Semifinals.

    5 June. Top 10 startups pitch on the main stage to find out the winner!
    €10 000 prize finds its owners. Pictures time :)
    Are there any discounts on the Startup Pass?
    Yes! You will get a promo code for the 20% off in the email after the interview
    By submitting this form you agree to receive email communications from EMERGE, including speakers announcements, upcoming promotions and discounted tickets, news about our conference, and access to exclusive invite-only events.
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