1 MIN READ, DEC 19, 2019
Born in Eastern Europe (Minsk, Belarus), the underdog in the global tech scene, EMERGE is expanding to London in 2020. You wonder what happened to our mission - to spotlight emerging tech hubs? The UK is obviously an established market with a developed tech ecosystem. However, not all areas are equally presented in tech scene, or yet alone known among the local community.

EMERGE London is scheduled in White City area on 23 - 24 March 2020. We have selected White City (West London) for the conference location, versus already established Shoreditch in East London, because of its up-and-coming tech hub with offices for BBC, YOOX Net-a-Porter, SAP, alongside campuses of Imperial College and the Royal College of Art.

Why make another Tech Conference in London?

As the largest tech hub in Europe, with £5bn of scaleup investment, today London is experiencing Brexit turbulence, and EMERGE can bring an unexpected angle to this challenge: reinforcing London as a global tech hub, uniting European tech ecosystems and bringing international tech talent to the UK. Put it simply, it's a great starting point for building a global company.

As you know, EMERGE is all about emerging technologies and helping tech companies build global products and expand outside. We are excited to introduce 2 main stages at EMERGE 2020, and this is how we roll it:


How we build & grow tech companies to a global scale as told by scaleup founders, engineers, designers, scientists who have just gone through the growth journey and ACTUALLY build & grow it.


Up-and-coming changes in our life, different industries and consumer behaviour as told by deeptech people grounding on data and research who ACTUALLY change it.

You can pre-register to EMERGE London edition now and get access to 2-for-1 ticket sale. Do not miss you chance to discover this amazing city and EMERGE very first edition on the island.
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