As you know, EMERGE is all about emerging technologies and helping tech companies from emerging markets to become global unicorns. We are excited to introduce 3 main stages at EMERGE 2019, and this is how we roll it:
What? Future Stage is a crash course into emerging technologies that are shaping the way we take care of ourselves, learn, work, eat, make love, and even die. At this stage, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, IoT and other technologies act as a troubleshooter for the biggest challenges that the human being, society and planet will face tomorrow.

Who should attend? Professionals, startups, investors, top management, scientists, media
What? This is a practice-oriented technical stage on building the world's greatest products and getting things done. Here you will learn how to create products users love, scale production, team and processes, how to create a winning team culture, how to manage product development processes and lead teams.

Who should attend? CTOs, product owners, developers, designers, founders, HR professionals
What? This is a real-talk, zero-bullshit stage that will help you to obtain a growth mindset, knowledge and practical tools for being able to grow x10 faster than your competitors. It includes not only growth hacking practices, marketing and business know-how from the best company builders, but also market expansion strategies, fundraising tips from leading VCs and accelerators, and ultimate exit plans. Today, traditional departments are blurring. Everyone in your organisation needs to be an experimental, data-driven growth hacker.

Who should attend? CMOs, marketing and sales professionals, startups, investors, anyone who is interested in growing a business or initiative
Karolina is an ex-CEO of Startup Sauna, Europe's leading zero-equity accelerator. She is originally from Finland, which adds international spirit and Finnish love for functionality and sustainability to EMERGE team
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