Founders Day is an all-day event dedicated to startups. To be precise, to those 120+ tech startups who fulfilled EMERGE CHALLENGE selection criteria, passed the interview (which is nothing less than 100 hours of calls in total) and made it to EMERGE from over 20 countries of the New East (Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Balkans) and beyond. All this — to compete and win on the main stage of the New East region, EMERGE Conference.

Founders Day in numbers:

*120+ startups out of 230 candidates who applied for EMERGE CHALLENGE;
*20 countries of the New East and beyond where our startups come from;
*70 mentors from the list of investors, speakers and experts in the industry who are coming to EMERGE Conference;
*6 workshops from top industry guys who know the ins and outs of the startup world;
*10 batches of startups who will be competing for getting into the Semifinals. 50 rockstars will pitch on EMERGE X stage on 4 June;
*€10,000 cash prize from EMERGE CHALLENGE prize partner FLINT CAPITAL for the winner of this 6-month long startup journey (equity-free);
*Countless emotions and endless memories. Forever <3
From morning to evening on 3 June, Six 50-minute workshops will be hosted on Founders Day:
1. "Scaling to the US market" by Flint Capital, USA.
Find out where to start this journey from and how US market is different from your home market. How B2B and B2C companies can enter the US market and who you need as your co-driver? Finally, fundrasing in the US and what others learnt on this journey.
2) "Finance for startups" by Baltic Sandbox, Lithuania.
Not a sexy stuff here — pain is in the air. But if you scale, you need to nail it. How to calculate user acquisition costs and build financial projections. Nurture a mathematician in you.
3) "Product assessment based on the Innovation Vortex. How can it help your company?" by AgileLab, Belarus.
The seven loops of the Innovation Vortex and what is crucial for the team in each of the loops. Get taken through practical experience by those who believe in the model and practice it.
4) "Pitching your product to foreign customers. How to go global" by EMERGE and Amolingua, UK.
Real life stories on what it takes to make your pitch touch foreign hearts. Amolingua brings a vast experience of cultural intelligence in presentations and pitches in a multicultural space. EMERGE Team shares the craziness of pitching your product globally.
5) "How to boost the startup growth using a smartphone camera" by Slon Media, Belarus.
Have you seen EMERGE sexy promo video? <3 Slon Media guys made it happen. Keep your eyes and ears open for the hottest tips from the industry. A boost of creativity comes in the package.
6) "Legal Aspects of "Going West" — best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid" by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, USA.
Keep calm and know legal stuff. Incдudes some burning for startups topics.
Is it a good or bad idea to outsource your fundraising? What to do if there is a misalignment between founders? What if we raised too little or too much (and in the wrong form)? How not to lose the control of you IP and other challenging situations early stage companies go through.

From 1-to-many workshop format to 1-to-1 20-minute mentorship sessions. EMERGE is gathering together almost 100 speakers. We couldn't miss this chance to bring them to the Founders Day to share their experience with startups.

Who are the mentors? Investors, Ecosystem Builders, Media People, Entrepreneurs, Senior Developers, Marketing and PR gurus, Business Developers. Any other expertise you are looking for? Let us know at

Some of the companies you can expect mentors from are: Flint Capital, Rockstart Accelerator, ArkleyBrinc VC, Almaz Capital, PWC, AgileLab, Startup Wise Guys,, Buildit Accelerator, Google and many more.

Where from? As global as it can be: the USA, Russia, the Netherlands, Georgia, Germany, Armenia, Ireland, Belarus, Austria, Latvia, Tajikistan, Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and more.

Even Bahrain is here! This is the gang we love — #emergegang
80-minute long radio tables with EMERGE main agenda speakers. This moment when you decide whether to read an article with them in the media or learn from these guys when they are right here in front of you ready to answer your questions. Stay tuned to know the hosts of the Radio Tables. They will appear in your mailboxes. Soon.
So, Founders Day is a platform for quality networking and getting a boost preparation for the pitching competition. It is the place for the feedback on your business model, getting advice on growth opportunities, scaling, marketing and whatever you dare to ask.


The time is ticking BUT late bird startups are still welcome to the nest. Apply for EMERGE to showcase your startup at the Startup Alley before 16 May, and you are in the game, darlings.

When: 3 June, 10 AM–6 PM, 16/3, Oktyabrskaya street
Who can participate: Startup, Investor, VIP, Ecosystem Pass holders.
Willing to join? Get one of the ticket types above and explore it from inside
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