2 MIN READ, JUNE 5, 2019
The second day of pitching, networking and amazing keynotes has reached its zenith and we are here now to tell you how it was.
The main intrigue of the day is EMERGE CHALLENGE Finals. From over 250 applications 50 teams were selected to move forward to Semi-finals and were pitching at X Stage yesterday. The jury selected 11 most remarkable teams for the Finals. Among the pitching teams on Future Stage, we have seen RedTrack, Reseptron, SPEAKUS, StringersHub, Swipio, Usedesk, Viqeo Inc., WebTotem, WehireAI Inc., Wiserstate and EPICO.

However, the ones who didn't make it to the Finals have actually had the great success story as well. Skinive.com, the startup that offers Virtual AI-dermatologist, while networking at the Startup Alley and demonstrating their product have found a pre-cancer form of skin neoplasm on one of the conference attendees. The person has scheduled a visit to a doctor for consultation and will get the right treatment if needed.
The winner of EMERGE CHALLENGE pitching startup competition is Usedesk from Russia. The team receives €10,000 equity free cash prize from Flint Capital. The awards don't stop here.

Amsterdam-based accelerator Rockstart has offered 1 team — WehireAI Inc., a trip to their Selection Day in Amsterdam to compete with dozens of the best startups for the spot in Rockstart accelerator.

Startup Wise Guys accelerator has also found its favourite teams — Werbot is going to get fast-tracked to Selection Bootcamp to join Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Estonia or Lithuania. During Selection Bootcamp 30 pre-selected startups will compete for the place in a 3-month programme where 12 best startups will be chosen by world-class experts and VCs.

The surprise of the day is the investment promise from The Untitled Ventures fund who has chosen startup BONAKA — the biotech company that develops techniques cleansing complex industrial equipment with bacteria. "We were looking into biotech and clean tech for some time but hesitated as we don't yet have the expertise in the field. But with Bonaka we have decided to risk it. Next, we plan to have investment negotiations and deep immersion into the topic. The expectations are high as startup offers real hardcore innovation. Despite its early stage, we are ready to get involved with them for both European and Global markets", — Irina Yashina, portfolio manager of Untitled ventures comments on the decision.


Besides startup news, all three stages worked according to the schedule of EMERGE main agenda. On the FUTURE stage, we spoke about the future of computational design. Lysandre Follet, Director of Computational Design at Nike, shared the insights of using computer aided design in creating sneakers for the athletes based on their data, that is gathered by sensors placed on the body. All these data form the best match model of shoes for an athlete that repeat every motion while running, jumping or playing basketball.

Dmitry Razorionov touched the topic of the the future of offices and necessity of having a property for the company in the era of the digital nomads.

Nikolai Oreshkin has had Silicon Valley reverse engineered and highlighted what are the current best practices. In its core, it's an ecosystem that encourages the inception and growth of businesses. There is a government that supports development with friendly legislation and education, there are VC's looking to make good use of their money, there are users who are willing to pay for the product. Nikolai has also run us through fundraising etiquette which implies that fundraising too much is a much of a threat to the company as the lack of funding. So do your due diligence, raise the smart money that wants to see your business grow and get too fond of fundraising.

Together with Bulba Ventures and Civitta we looked at the Snapshop of Belarus Startup Ecosystem. The region is growing very fast and attracts the attention of VCs from the West. A lot of emerging technologies are acquired by funds to their investment portfolio and pushed forward to the global market.

While the main stages hosted keynotes, the ecosystems within the New East has got connected. Rutech and Astana Hub have signed a collaboration agreement that' laying the ground for further development.
These companies helped us to bring EMERGE to life.