The topic is getting hotter as startups are flourishing and reacting fast to the challenges in the world. They are prompt at spotting new opportunities and identifying gaps in the markets. This agility is widely supported by the ecosystems worldwide, emerging tech hubs with the New East region being one of the examples. Venture funds and angel investors keep their eyes open for the next big thing in the industry.

What's happening to corporations and their stability in this turbulent time? Are they affected in some way and if so, how do they act in this rapidly changing environment?

Corporate Innovation Lab (CorpLab) is the place to answer these questions and find those outliers who dare to trigger changes in the corporate world and look for the ways to experiment.
*Seems like entrepreneurial journey is something you are about to embark on? Wait, don't quit your job, there is some good news for you.

*Are you a Manager or even have Innovation and Transformation in your title and looking for the ways to identify faster opportunities in the market; create these opportunities or even industries yourself?

*Maybe, an HR Professional who knows it from inside how willing the team is to experiment and change?

*Running a corporate accelerator or working closely with corporations as a consultant?
*Come to meet same gangsters as you are from other companies and get assured there are many of you who not only do their job but spot gaps, question, tackle challenges and are thrilled to experiment.

*Ever asked yourself 'Am I ok? Why is it only me who is bothering everyone? Maybe we just keep going the way we do as all this innovation is not for us?' While inspiration comes first it should be next supported by real actions, space for trying and failing. This is where lots of ideas vanish and motivation does down:(

Here is why we've launched CorpLab to bring the questions to the table, support innovators inside us and share our innovation journeys.

Get your team to explore it together as innovation is always a joint effort.
In the main EMERGE Venue, Falcone Arena in Marriott, X Stage will become the platform to discuss cornerstones of corporate innovation.
  • Gigi Dzhanelidze
    Moscow, Russia
    Head of Design Lab @ MTS
How to build a successful design culture within your organization (from small startup to a big company)
  • Goetz Trillhaas
    Hamburg, Germany
    Country Director CEE New Markets, Google
Digital Transformation — How to create a сulture of innovation in your organization
  • Alexei Okishev
    Moscow, Russia
    Partner, Technology Leader @ PwC
Corporate, startup and intrapreneur: how to get better results from collaboration? (case of PwC Innovation Programme)
  • Igor Douplitzky
    Paris, France
    Director, Business Development with Startups @ Orange Fab Scouting
How Orange has architected its Open Innovation program and the lessons learned.
As a wrap up we will have a panel discussion 'STARTUPS — WHO ARE THEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS? TROUBLEMAKERS OR GAME CHANGERS?'.

5 June, 1:50 PM–3:50 PM on the X Stage of the EMERGE main arena.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Associate Director Accelerator Programs @ RockStart
OK, I want to join the gang.
How do I get to the CorpLab?
Get you General Attendee Ticket which gives you the access to the 2 day of EMERGE (4-5 June) including the CorpLab. See you there, innovators!
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