Have you ever wondered how your mobile keyboard assistant predicts what you’re going to type in the next second? Have you ever felt like machines are smarter than you? We have. And that’s why we invited Timo Mertens to speak out. Timo is that very expert that can tell how humans are different from and similar to machines in terms of speaking, writing and understanding languages. He’s the one that knows how to combine the abilities of both to make a product much more effective. The technologies he oversees at Grammarly, a Ukrainian unicorn with more than $1 bln valuation and $200 mln raised to date, help millions of users (and us among them!) write and communicate more clearly and productively every day.

Timo has focused on the intersection between machine learning and delivering impactful products throughout his career, spanning academia – being granted a PhD in Speech Recognition at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology – and industry, where he’s held product leadership positions across Microsoft, Dropbox, and Google, where previously worked on the company’s search engine and voice features for Google's Assistant.

Oh, by the way, this text has been checked by Grammarly, too.
Live from San Francisco (US)