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Description: 1st Global Curated Routes Ecosystem for Safe & Sustainable Car Travels.
Which problem are you solving?: Road.Travel is a new media platform of curated routes for car trips and car experience. We are creating the 1st Global Curated Routes Ecosystem for safe & sustainable car travel, the only means of travel most people will be interested in 2021, according to Airbnb. As a pandemic lesson, our focus has shifted from vacation trips to regular and shorter local trips – staycations, city breaks – which boomed in 2020 and will dominate in 2021. The global trend of local and domestic tourism has demonstrated a lack of technology solutions for independent travelers, which we saw as a promising market need. We are a platform company targeting two untapped markets – automotive digital platforms and tourism destination websites. We aim to create industry standards, connecting destinations with cars, with a mission to make them more environmentally friendly. The future of autonomous car travel represents a new media product of curated routes. Three main pillars of our strategy are 1) Greener transport. In 2021, we will focus on electric routes - pre-designed for electric vehicles, with pre-integrated stops for charging, aiming at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by providing peace of mind to their owners, helping them focus on the driving pleasure, and eliminate range anxiety. 2) Safe in-car experience. The ability to navigate multi-stop routes with voice assistance that doesn't distract drivers while educating and entertaining them with notable facts about the surroundings through a mix of location-triggered real voice audio guides and the latest generation of text-to-speech for text comments. 3) Sustainable tourism. Pre-designed routes from big cities to remote and rural destinations can help redistribute wealth and human traffic from over-touristic areas to underserved destinations providing a new kind of experience for residents and visitors - staycations and weekend getaways.B2B(2C): – Generating revenues, break-even. Our technology enables tourism destinations to promote Covid-safe car trips, targeting both local and international travelers. We offer integration options, such as widgets or APIs, and white-label solutions for tourism destinations, automotive companies, and affinity partners. We create thematic, actionable road trip experiences with in-car interactive voice guidance in a partnership with Cerence. B2C: – Early tests on limited geography, first market insights. Selling content subscriptions (incl. gift coupons) & pay-as-you-go to end users, as well as sponsored content to brands.
Product stage: Growth (entering new markets, growing team, growth in users/sales)

Users Geography: Eastern Europe, Central Asia & Russia; Europe ; UK; Middle East
Future geographic market focus: Eastern Europe, Central Asia & Russia; Europe ; UK; Israel; US & Canada; Latin America & Mexico; Middle East; India; Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

Stage: Growth (entering new markets, growing team, growth in users/sales)

Country: United Kingdom

Industry: Media ;Transport & Mobility;Travel & Hospitality

Business Type: B2B2C

Year Founded: 2018

Team size: 10+ People