Meet our next three speakers with whom we will reflect on the future of offices in the era of digital nomads, talk about product mindset and team thinking in the process of developing greatest tech products and explore the power of data and transparency for building millions users product at FUTURE, BUILD or GROWTH stages respectively at EMERGE on 4–5 June. Subscribe to our weekly newsletters to stay tuned! ⚡️
Minsk, Belarus
Senior Director, Delivery Management, EPAM
Professional experience: Born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. Traversed from Software Engineering into leading Delivery Management competency in EPAM. Passionate about digitally-native organizations and thou own suite of tools that had become part of EPAM's TelescopeAI offering with a focus on engineering productivity and transparency. Travel a lot to drive technological transformation consulting services for key company's clients.

On the FUTURE stage at EMERGE Dmitriy will raise a topic of the future of offices and engineering service organization where the key goal is to pair enterprise world of committed & assured deliverables and fast, smart yet diverged crowd of talents – digital nomads.

Life motto: "Believe you can and you're halfway there." — Theodore Roosevelt
London, UK
Product Owner Revolut Premium
Professional experience: George joined Revolut 18 months ago as a Product Owner leading their Retail subscription product Revolut Premium. Since then he has scaled the Premium Team, most recently launching Revolut's new subscription product Revolut Metal and preparing Revolut Premium for launch across APAC and North America. Previously George was an Investment Banker at Morgan Stanley, alongside experiences at both Microsoft and Google as well as working on a US Presidential Campaign.

George will share his Revolut experience of using radical transparency, logic and data to define culture and build a global Tribe of millions of users on the GROWTH stage at EMERGE.

Life motto: "Showing is better than telling." — Floyd Mayweather
Minsk, Belarus
ex-Product Manager at Wargaming
Professional experience: From gamedev to education. ex-Leader of UX team and products in Wargaming, Startup Sauna Alumni, product thinking and pitching trainer, product and strategy advisor. Currently, Ilya is Head of Product, Teachbase - Building education services and technologies with passion.

Ilya believes that product teams are not made up only of product managers. But the product management hype has settled in the minds that it is enough to hire an experienced product manager and the product will be successful. Will not. Because behind each product is a team. He will talk on the BUILD stage at EMERGE about why it is important to develop product thinking of the whole team and share the ways how to do it.

Life motto: "Do good and throw it into the sea!" — Maverick & Goose, Top Gun
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