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Where can I get more information about the conference?
You can find it at the homepage Information – About EMERGE.
Are the names of speakers posted on the website final?
No, the number of speakers is not approved now, because the registration of participants is still going on. You can find information about speakers at
Where could I find an indicative plan of the conference?
The plan of the conference is not available now, because the registration of participants is still going on. Follow the news at the homepage.
How can I be sure that my ticket is bought?
All the necessary information you will find on your e-mai box.
Will an escort from the airport be organized?
An escort from the airport will be organized, if you need it.
Where can I exchange money?
You can exchange money in any bank.
Rate of exchange:
1 USD = 1,9589 BYN
1 EUR = 2,4241 BYN
100 RUB = 3,4422 BYN
10 PLN = 5,7511 BYN
100 UAH = 7,4354 BYN
1 GBP = 2,7301 BYN

By what criteria do the startups refer to selected startups?
Any startup that
1) has received under €1 million in funding to date;
2) develops an emerging & enabling technology;
3) originates from an emerging market or solves a problem of that region.
General criteria are a working prototype and an early proof of demand.
What is EMERGE
EMERGE is an international innovation conference in Minsk, Belarus, taking place on 17-18 May 2018. It will focus on emerging technologies, markets and trends. Over 1000 attendees, 200+ startups from CIS and European region, key stakeholders, investors and corporates meet in one place to build collaborations.

All talks will be in English with simultaneous Russian translation.
You know if EMERGE is right for you
Emerging trends created by emerging tech startups in emerging markets.
Get inspired by emerging trends
Here at EMERGE we will be talking a lot about emerging trends, emerging markets and emerging technologies. Something that is just around the corner. Something that is underestimated and has great potential. Get carried away with us!
Enjoy networking beyond New East
It's a meeting point for emerging tech hubs and developed communities. You will meet many representatives of different tech ecosystems from the New East – Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, CIS and Central Asia – as well as the rest of the world.
Get funded
EMERGE CHALLENGE brings early-stage startups from emerging markets that use emerging technologies to solve global problems in front of leading investors. Some of the startups tracks – Data & AI, PhilTech, Creative Tech, and special pitch nomination for pre-ICO projects.
How to start a startup
Everything you need to know about starting a startup, building a team, creating a digital product, testing your assumptions, testing business models, raising funding, scaling globally, etc. And if you still have questions, you can join a Matchmagic zone and meet our experts 1-on-1.
It's all about that product
Whether you are an entrepreneur, product manager, developer or analyst, you will all face the same task. Making a good product. Learn about prototyping, product roadmaps, user story mapping, product-market fit and much more.
Looking for a job
Jobs corner at EMERGE will inspire you about jobs of the future, as well as give you practical tips on how to get a job offer in the tech industry. Companies can advertise their vacancies straight at the event. Don't miss a chance!
Merged from two events
EMERGE started in 2017 when two different communities merged into a bigger event. UK-Russia Startup Roadshow came to London to showcase tech startups from Russia and gathered over 300 people at Russian Tech Day (London, UK). And about same time creative ecosystem of Belarus welcomed Create IT! Conference supported by EU (Minsk, Belarus).
Russian Tech Day
20 June, 2017
London, UK
Russian Tech Day
20 June, 2017
London, UK
Create IT!
International creative tech conference, 18-19 May, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
Create IT!
International creative tech conference, 18-19 May, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
Belarus on global tech map
Recently Belarus had several success startup exits, when a video filter app MSQRD was acquired by Facebook in 2016 and later in 2017 Google acquired AIMatter, maker of the Fabby computer vision app.

Unlike other countries in the same region Belarus legalises ICOs and cryptocurrencies, supports development of autonomous vehicles and introduces English law practice. International attendees and guests do not require visa to travel to Belarus for up to 5 days if flying directly.
May 17 – 18, 2018
Venue OK16, Kastrychnickaya Street, 16 - Minsk, Belarus