Prospects of Immortality: the Companies Working on Curing Aging
Humanity always longed for immortality. Now science finally has a chance to make that dream a reality, at least when it comes to our biggest killer — aging. The talk will cover the current scientific understanding of aging, with key therapeutic approaches, preceded by a brief history of humanity's fight against aging: from Hippocrates and Avicenna to Weismann, Harman and Hayflick. The majority of the talk will focus on the key companies developing therapies for life extension.
Founder and CEO of Youthereum Genetics, VP of the Foundation for Support of Scientific Research «Science for Life Extension», Toronto & Moscow
Yuri Deigin's primary area of expertise lies in the field of drug discovery and development, particularly in translation and commercialization of medical discoveries. Over the years, Yuri has held various roles in biotech startups where he oversaw research and development of original pharmaceuticals and led fundraising efforts. Yuri has extensive experience in working with venture funds and grant agencies. He regularly provides consulting services to a number of life science VC funds and is often called upon for evaluation or due diligence of longevity startups. Since 2013 Yuri also serves as a vice-president of the "Science for Life Extension" non-profit foundation whose goal is the popularization of the fight against age-related diseases. To further this cause, Yuri frequently blogs, speaks, writes, and participates in various TV and radio shows. Yuri holds a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.