Scaling tech teams: main bugs & how to fix them
Scaling teams, processes and especially team culture, happens to be a tough task. While growth on its own seems to be a positive fact, in practice there are plenty of hidden difficulties, which could kill talented engineering or product team and even millions in funding couldn't save the sinking ship. Vlad Arbatov, Engineering Manager at Mapbox, will share his own experience of what is happening in fastly growing teams, what are the main pain points and how to become a "scale master" or grow such people inside a team. Currently Mapbox could be described as a 'faster than expected' growing company globally and locally (from 4 people at the end of 2017 to 70 in mid-2019 in Minsk office only and this is only the beginning). As Mapbox CEO Eric Gundersen says "We're scaling on the people side because we're scaling on the product side". In his talk, Vlad will share what it means in practice and how the process of scaling is organized in the Minsk office and at Mapbox as a whole.
Vlad Arbatov
Engineering Manager @ Mapbox, Minsk
Vlad Arbatov is a C-level professional with 15 years in IT. He specialises in advanced Computer Vision, Neuroevolution, Natural Language Processing. He's also a member of Center for Innovation Leaders, Japan. He was a founder of arb digital tech company making AI solutions for wide range of business along with several tech startups in fintech and non-profit. Prior to moving to Mapbox Vlad was a CTO of $30mil startup in video streaming and entertainment industry, Play2Live. Leading teams of different sizes up to 100 employees Vlad has hands-on experience in building functional teams from ground up as well as improving processes that are already in place. Currently Vlad is leading a fast growing engineering team at Mapbox working on cutting edge technology solutions involving Computer Vision and self-driving.