Serving your B2B product with style, or how to grow user activation with onboarding process optimization
User onboarding is a challenge if your product is more complicated than just a couple of buttons. Nevertheless, there is a way to help your product make a great first impression - if you continually work on improving user onboarding phase. In her presentation Tanya will share the approach on how to grow key product metrics by improving user onboarding process, on example of PandaDoc and other successful products.
Tanya Aulachynskaya
Lead Product Manager @ PandaDoc
Tanya Aulachynskaya is a Lead Product Manager at PandaDoc in the Core unit. Interested in growth through user onboarding, customer development and efficient product decision making processes. Before PandaDoc Tanya was a product manager in LensCulture - a leading photography competitions platform with more than 1mln users. Tanya is a cofounder of the local community of product people in Minsk, Belarus - Product Connect.