Reverse Engineering Silicon Valley: The Venture Capital Circle of Life
Many have tried but none have succeeded. What makes Silicon Valley tic has long baffled innovators the world over. On this guided tour, we'll peek behind the curtain and try to suss out the recipe of the secret sauce of Silicon Valley's unfair advantage.
During this session, we'll discuss the differences in raising funds in Silicon Valley vs. everywhere else. We'll also dissect the synergies of the key players of the startup ecosystem in the current iteration of the innovation cycle. Finally, we'll look at some boots-on-the-ground crystal ball predictions for the new business models of our AI-powered digital future.
Nikolai Oreshkin
Managing Partner @ Elysium Venture Capital, San Francisco
Nikolai Oreshkin is an investment professional and experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in bringing early-stage technology from idea to disruptive growth. For more than 5 years of investment experience across the US, Europe, and China, Nikolai was involved in over 30 transactions, including cross-border and M&A, valued at more than $1,5 billion USD. Previously, Nikolai founded an ISP and was one of the first entrepreneurs who offered internet access to people of Belarus and promoted the use of social networks. Crypto-holder since early 2011.