Managing growth — self-imposed and external pressures of working in tech in 2019
Running a business and working in tech means often pushing yourself to the extreme ends both emotionally and physically. In the last few years, the statistics have finally revealed the ugly truth about our industry. Think about this: According to Fortune magazine, 13% of startups fail because their founders have lost focus, 9% fail because they've lost their passion, and 8% fail due to burnouts, which means in total 30% of companies fail due to the emotional instability of their founders. The problem is that not many entrepreneurs are willing to talk openly about their mental well-being. This panel addresses the highs and lows of working in tech and reveals participant's best coping mechanism.
Stewart Rogers
Analyst-at-Large @ VentureBeat, Digital Nomad
Founder @ Skoola, Silicon Valley
Vasili Shynkarenka
Entrepreneur, YC alum
Alisa Chumachenko
Founder & CEO @, Vilnius