Leveraging algorithms and machines to complement and augment Human creative practice
In this talk Lysandre discusses co-creation with computers through the lens of Computational design and explains how it's reshaping the creative process within Nike Innovation; giving designers access to a tool they never had access to before, unlocking imagination and generating products with unprecedented personalised performance.
Asking in a world run by computer programs that make decisions or solve problems for us, can we leverage algorithms and machines to complement and augment the human creative practice?
Lysandre Follet
Director of Computational Design @ Nike Innovation Kitchen, Portland
Lysandre Follet is a musician, designer, innovator and lifelong student living and working in Portland Oregon.
Over the last seven years in Nike's Innovation Department, Lysandre has pioneered the use of Computational Design
and led a team of cutting-edge multidisciplinary creatives who focus on Nike's future products and process which live at the intersection of design, digital craft and science.