Growth stoppers in developing tech hubs. And ways to overcome them
People think that lack of capital and small local market are the two most significant growth stoppers for companies in developing ecosystems. Igor and the community he founded has been researching this topic for several years and discovered that problems are entirely different. In his talk, he'll uncover his insights and ways in which they are overcoming it.
Igor Sokolov
Founder @ Goort, Product Manager @ Grammarly, Kiev
For the last 9 years, Igor Sokolov has been building online businesses. He has run 4 businesses of his own. Worked as the first PM in a B2B startup. He joined the company pre-product market-fit, and it became a market leader in 2 years. Managed a portfolio of media products with 100M MAU. At the moment, he is working as Product Manager at Grammarly as well as running Goort – a community where leaders of tech companies help each other building great processes and culture. He also finds time to teach Product Management in Projector - #1 creative and tech school in Ukraine.