How Orange has architected its Open Innovation program and the lessons learned
In his talk, Igor will take the audience through the ups and downs of the numerous open innovation (OI) programs at Orange. Among them are developer APIs, a crowdsourcing platform, startup scouting & acceleration, corporate venture capital; joint scouting with industry peers, cyber innovation lab and beyond. He'll uncover the lessons learnt throughout the last 5 years. Igor will touch briefly the state of open innovation in French corporations s and how they evaluate and revamp their OI programs.
Director, Business Development with Startups @ Orange Fab Scouting
Igor has worked over 30 years for France Telecom/Orange, 10 of which he spent in the US. He has held positions in strategic marketing and business partnerships in B2C and B2B business units. Igor headed technology scouting at Orange R&D in San Francisco. In 2014, he joined the team within Orange's innovation division in charge of scouting startups, focusing on e-health and cybersecurity. At the moment, Igor manages the relations with Orange Russia & CIS and the Russian innovation ecosystem, as well as with Orange Digital Ventures.