Building successful design culture within your organization (from small startup to a big company)
What do we mean when we are talking about design? How design shapes our culture, how it transforms the way we think and work? In his talk Gigi I will explore the way of building successful design culture within an organization (from small startup to a big company), and how to use design and creativity to innovate.
Gigi Dzhanelidze
Head of Design Lab @ MTS, Moscow
Gigi Dzhanelidze is the Head of Design Lab in MTS. Gigi started his journey of creativity, design and business when founded his first startup "iFamous.Me" in 2010 with his brother David, trying to transform the way how new media should look like in the digital era. After some success with "iFamous.Me", Gigi joined Deep Knowledge Ventures fund, where he was building design culture, and worked for DKV as Creative Director and Design Director. In 2016 Gigi was invited to Russian News Agency TASS, where he was working on redesigning digital products of the News Agency, creating new digital products with RnD Team, and building design studio.Gigi was also a Lead Communication Designer (Art Director) in Yandex.