Using radical transparency, logic and data to unlock a Tribe of millions of users
Humans are social beings, seeking out like-minded people to foster productive relationships and a successful culture of harmony and collaboration. We will focus on our learnings from 3 years of growth at Revolut as we scaled to over 1,000 employees globally and 5 million users; built on core principles of radical transparency, ownership and being hyper-logical to define our distinctive culture.
George Robson
Product Owner @ Revolut Premium, London
George joined Revolut 18 months ago as a Product Owner leading their Retail subscription product Revolut Premium. Since then he has scaled the Premium Team, most recently launching Revolut's new subscription product Revolut Metal and preparing Revolut Premium for launch across APAC and North America. Previously George was an Investment Banker at Morgan Stanley, alongside experiences at both Microsoft and Google as well as working on a US Presidential Campaign.