How to use your product as an acquisition channel
There are a mix of acquisition channels from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, amongst others which most tech companies utilise to acquire new users. Next to these channels, your own product at scale can be as powerful as any other acquisition source. We will go through the methodical process of how WeTransfer is utilising its own product for network effects on 45M+ MAU, to drive user acquisition across multiple of our own applications.
Gabor Kiss
Head of User Growth & Analytics @ WeTransfer, Amsterdam
As Head of User Growth and Analytics at WeTransfer, my role is to lead a department with two teams (Growth team and Data Engineering & Development team), focused on growing WeTransfer's 45M+ MAU base. I help our growth PMs, data engineers, data scientists and analysts to define project roadmaps, design growth pipelines, analyze data and to ensure that the work they do is great.