Why do we get leadership and soft skills wrong?
We all know what makes a good leader: high energy, respect for other people, transparent communication and other soft skills.
But knowing about proper leadership is very different from actually being a leader and that is why so many people feel unhappy and unproductive at work. Both employees and their bosses. Elizaveta will explore the reality and psychology of leadership based on her own experience of working with multiple founders and being a founder herself.
Elizaveta Oreshkina
Co-Founder @ Breakfast app, St. Petersburg, Lisbon
Elizaveta Oreshkina is trained as a graphic designer, started as an information designer, grown up to a product designer, product manager and mentor. Work with teams and founders to help them launch solid and well designed products. Co-founded The Question and Channelkit. Now making Breakfast — an invite-only app that brings new people to your life through inspiring conversations over breakfast.