Stress, Resilience, and Inflammation – How to tackle the stress factors and change them into growing factors
Burn-out, anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common side-effects of the fast-paced, high demand society that we live in today. We have all experienced them to some degree, and they all have one thing in common: inflammation. Inflammation, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It fights off viruses and is a regulator of certain bodily functions - but too much of it causes us to break down. It is the leading cause of 95% of all preventable diseases, including cardiovascular disease and irritable bowel syndrome. In this lecture, Eddie will discuss what stress is, how it leads to inflammation of both body and mind, and how through change of perception we can turn our negative stressors into positive challenges that we can grow from. We will finish the lecture with a short practice of Resonance Breathing, a simple breathing exercise that balances the branches of the autonomic nervous system, and resets and restores us to a state of balance.
Edwin Stern
CEO and Founder @ The Breathing App, New York
Edwin Stern is a yoga teacher, author, and lecturer from New York City. He is known for his multi-disciplinary approach to furthering education and access to yoga, as well as his teaching expertise in Ashtanga Yoga. He recently released his first solo book, One Simple Thing: A New Look at the Science of Yoga, which examines in clear and simple language the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms that make yoga an effective practice. He is the co-founder of the International Yoga and Science Conferences, which bring together researchers, doctors, healthcare workers, and yoga practitioners to learn about the latest developments in yoga and meditation research. Eddie is also the co-creator of The Breathing App, along with Sergey Varichev, which guides the user in a paced breathing exercise that balances the branches of the autonomic nervous system. The Breathing App is a simple, effective tool that has been shown to be helpful in reducing stress, improving sleep, and creating deep states of calm and balance in the user.