What is like to be designer/product leader in 21 century for real
During this panel discussion, Nikolai Chesalin will lead a group of industry professionals in a discussion about what is like to be a designer in this competitive time and how to deliver successful products. Panelists will discuss their experiences and challenges creating products, solving design and non-design problems and address how you can be better prepared to play their roles in modern business that involves design as strategic business partner. You'll hear examples of both successes and failures, tactics and techniques used by them to sell their work, ideas and get buy-in from their colleges, partners mainly non-designers.
Nikolai Chesalin
Principal UX-Designer @ EPAM, Minsk
Director of Computational Design @ NIKE, Portland
Yuri Vedenin
Founder & CEO @ UXPressia, Minsk
Daria Hlopova
Lead User Researcher @ Cian, Moscow