Metrics for raising Capital – How to nail it when you are pre-product, or bootstrapped and profitable
6 important questions every entrepreneur should answer to prepare for your pitch, whether you're pre-product, or bootstrapped and profitable.
Daniel Hastik
Partner @ Nextech Ventures, Prague
Daniel Hastik is the former CEO of Futurelytics, pioneer in predictive analytics in e-commerce and gaming industry. Before founding Futurelytics he established multiple online businesses in Uganda, Kenya, Australia or New Zealand. He was also involved in data projects in the Nordics and can understand the true value in data and how that can impact any business. Currently he is managing Nextech Ventures, a VC fund with a focus on seed stage tech, startups in the United States and Europe. He mentors startups and founders in data related topics, growth strategies, product scaling and investor relations, and is active in the tech community.