State of Sextech
As the world's leading authority on sextech, Bryony Cole is fascinated by the way technology penetrates even the most intimate corners of our lives. Since launching the top-rated podcast Future of Sex and Future of Sex Report, Bryony has been on stages across the world forecasting trends in the sextech and sexual wellness. According to The Guardian, sextech is a $30 billion industry growing at 30% per year. The term vagina-nomics is now describes the new wave of female-led sex and fertility tech ventures. While it is a burgeoning industry, societal stigmas and misconceptions continue to keep sextech in taboo territory. If you are curious about the business side of sex tech or creating an inclusive sex-positive society – this is the talk for you.
Bryony Cole
Founder @ Future of Sex, New York
Bryony Cole is the world's leading authority on sextech. She is author of the Future of Sex Report and creator of the top-rated podcast Future of Sex. Bryony is also an international speaker, published writer and producer. Her articles have appeared in international publications including Wired, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Playboy, Mashable, Motherboard, ABC, Financial Review, Brides and Glamour.

Bryony led North America's first sextech hackathon and Copenhagen's first SexTech Summit at Techfestival. In 2018, she produced the Future of Sextech Hack, the first event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Bryony holds a Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne.