Natural food doesn't exist — an ode to synthetic flavours
We think natural, organic food is the most sustainable and guilt-free choice we can make in the supermarket. But is it? And what does 'natural' mean from the perspective of food? There is no broccoli in the forest and there are not enough strawberry fields to produce natural flavouring for all the ice cream. We will investigate the issue all the way from romanticism about 'nature', over the added aroma, up to GMO. Breaking the barrier between food and non-food we will see, how artificial food has contributed to human life, and how it could do so even more in the future.
Alexandra Genis
Founder @ TAS2R, Berlin
Alexandra Genis is the founder of TAS2R, a Critical Food Design studio, currently based in Berlin. She is alumna of Design Academy Eindhoven (BA, 2018). ATOMA, her graduation work, was published by international magazines (Frame, ElleDecor, Nuvo), was nominated for several awards (FFDA, ADCN) and was exhibited in various venues, like SPACE10 or FRAME LAB.